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We open Monday through Friday at 8 am and Saturday at 9am. By appointment. We schedule by appointment so your pet doesn’t have to be sitting in a crate any longer than necessary. We offer the option for owners to wait in our seating area while their pets are being groomed, it is a great option for pets with separation anxiety or those who don’t do well in a crate. We offer those appointment on Tuesdays by request.

About Our Services

All of our grooming services include a blueberry facial, bath, blow out, hair cut, gland expression, ear cleaning and nail trim. Our bath and brush service includes everything except the hair cut. Our prices vary depending on the breed, type of hair cut and condition of the coat. Our extra services include flea baths, dental treatments, de shedding treatments, skunk odor treatments and advantage and captstar flea treatments.

What to Expect

Our typical grooming service takes 2-3 hours. It could take longer depending on if we are doing any extra services and how well the pet reacts. Some get a little stressed out to the noise of the blow dryers and if that happens we go slower and give them time to calm down so we don’t traumatize them and make grooming a bad experience for them.

10% Discount!

We offer 10% off for frequent grooming with appointments made out in advance. Call us for details and to book your next appointment.

Lessons Available

Are you good with animals and interested in learning how to safely groom and care for pets? We offer lessons in-house. We have different levels of classes available, weather you want to learn to groom your own dog or cat, learn how to become a bather/brusher or learn how to make a career out of grooming cats & dogs!  Call the office today to learn more!

New Customer Forms

New to All Breed Pet Grooming? Please print out and complete this new client form to speed up your check-in process:

We try to keep things simple, but there are a few rules and expectations to make life easier for everyone. Please review and sign our policy agreement to bring with you for your first appointment:

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