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Just a note from Tony and Tanya:

As most of you know we were blessed with a baby girl 2 years ago, then at 5 weeks old she began to have seizures. We found out when she was 3 months old that she has a genetic disorder called CDKL-5. CDKL-5 is a rare X-linked genetic disorder that results in severe neuro-developmental impairment and early onset, often difficult to control seizures. Most kids with CDKL-5 cannot walk, talk, feed themselves, most like Sydney cannot sit up on their own. There is no cure and the only treatment is fighting the symptoms.

Sydney now requires several weekly therapy sessions in order to improve her abilities and quality of life. In order to properly take care of our daughter, Tony and I have had to make the difficult decision to rearrange our work life. Tony has taken a position outside of the grooming shop, and will no longer be working with us. Chesca will be taking over our Office Manager duties from now on.

In order for me to take care of our daughters medical needs I will be cutting back my schedule. I will now be working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday. Now these days are not set in stone. I will have extra days this summer I will have to be gone in order to take Sydney to see specialist in St. Louis and Denver.

So I am asking you my wonderful and supportive clients, to please be patient while we are transitioning to this new schedule. I will do my absolute best to get my regular clients in, which might mean double booking most days, meaning it may take 3-4 hours to get your pet done instead of the usual 1-2 hours. It also will mean that I will need you to plan in advance when booking your appointments, you may not be able to get in the same or next day like you are use to or you might not be able to get your usual time. To avoid frustration I would highly recommend that you book several appointments out ahead. I am hiring extra help, but I have to wait until classes release for the summer in order to have them here full time, again please be patient while we are training. If worse comes to worse Ti and Linda are usually available to take your pets in.

Tony and I are so thankful for you, our wonderful and understanding clients for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your pets!


Tanya and Tony
More info at www.cdkl5.com